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mDreams Stage is a research and creation group, affiliated with Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. We have members from computer science, software engineering, business and management background. Our team also include interactive media designers, special effects artists, performers, dancers, filmmakers, and people from interdisciplinary backgrounds. We collaborate with local and international research centers, artistic troupes, and work with industrial companies in a variety of interactive/new media research-creation and production projects for stage, installation, and mobile platforms. Checkout our news section and ongoing projects and the team profiles for more details.

We are working on flexible and configurable multi-modal interactive Illimitable Space System platform versions ISS, ISSv2, and ISSv3 that serve different platforms and computing environments where our technical and VFX teams develop design and develop modules and plugins for events, on-stage deployment, installations, and the like.

The Illimitable Space System (ISS) as a configurable artist’s toolbox in terms of artistic performance (such as dance or theatre production), music visualization, and interactive documentary controlled with gestures and voice. ISS also has the functionality of interactive projection mapping, voice recognition, real time audio/video effects through gesture and motion controls in order to achieve the mixed reality and immersive visual effects.

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