District 3 Demo Day Performances

Our team has performed real-time visual effects based on dancers’ motion during performances.

ISSv2 in Gray Zone Dance Production

This particular interactive dance is done with the help of a software called Illimitable Space System (ISS). It is a toolbox for interactive artistic performances and interactive documentary controlled by gestures and voice.

ISS with Like Shadows at The Central Academy of Drama

Like Shadow,was originally written and directed by the renowned theater director Dr. Stan Lai at Stanford University and premiered at the National Theater in Taipei in 2007.

Ascension Dance with ISS (Illimitable Space System)

Dr. Miao Song, has recently directed her Illimitable Space System exhibition to render a real-time background shadows with visual effects in real-time based on the dancers’ motion during the performance.

Haptic Jellyfish

Using a new piece of interactive technology called the Novint Falcon, control Jellyfish as they swim through the ocean. Feel the push and pull of ocean tides as you guide the jellyfish, through the special force feedback of the Novint Falcon.

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