Leadership Team

  • Dr. Miao Song
    Dr. Miao SongFounder and Director
  • Dr. Serguei A. Mokhov
    Dr. Serguei A. MokhovCo-founder & Technical Lead

Technical Team

  • Julie Chaffarod
    Julie ChaffarodLead VFX Artist
  • Jie Zhang (Maggie)
    Jie Zhang (Maggie)Lead Unity Programmer
  • Jilson Thomas
    Jilson ThomasProjection Mapping
  • Sebouh bardakjian
      Sebouh bardakjianUnity programmer
    • Milin Li
      Milin LiUI Designer
    • Jonathan Llewellyn
        Jonathan LlewellynProgrammer
      • Vipul Kapoor
        Vipul Kapoor3D Engineer
      • Satish Chilkaka
          Satish ChilkakaProgrammer
        • Yanchong Lai
          Yanchong LaiGraphic designer
        • Zinia Das
          Zinia DasProgrammer

        Administrative Team

        • Hanyu Zhao (Doris)
            Hanyu Zhao (Doris)Project Coordinator
          • Holly Ryan
            Holly RyanArt Designer/ Communication Manager
          • Jianghai Huang
              Jianghai HuangExternal Communication Coordinator
            • Jiaxi He (Jessie)
              Jiaxi He (Jessie)Webmaster&designer
            • Jing Pu
                Jing PuFinance
              • Junyu Lu (Shirley)
                  Junyu Lu (Shirley)Finance
                • Ruiyi Li (Camilia)
                  Ruiyi Li (Camilia)Project Manager
                • Shirley Tang
                  Shirley TangOffice Assistant
                • YING ZHAO
                    YING ZHAOResearch Assistant
                  • Zijing Ye
                    Zijing YeAdministration

                  Junior  Team

                  • Deschanel Li
                    Deschanel LiFilmmaker
                  • Jiarong Shao (Jia)
                    Jiarong Shao (Jia)Research Assistant
                  • Juetian Xing (Justin)
                      Juetian Xing (Justin)Research Assistant

                    Advisory Committee

                    • Dr. Sudhir Mudur
                        Dr. Sudhir MudurAdvisor
                      • Xavier-Henri Hervé
                          Xavier-Henri HervéAdvisor
                        • Dr Peter Grogono
                            Dr Peter GrogonoAdvisor
                          • Jean – Claude Bustros
                              Jean – Claude BustrosAdvisor

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